Thursday, 6 June 2013

I love this description of Hamilton.....

Claire Calhan is the Director of the Hamilton Fringe Festival. I am looking forward to working with her this summer because The Art Bus will temporarily morph into The Fringe Bus (again sponsored by Judy Marsales Real Estate)and will take the curious to the Festival.

Here is Claire's answer to a question posed to her by Cobalt Connects on their June 6th blog post.

We always like to ask this: What was your impression of Hamilton prior to locating here, and has that impression changed? 
I have always had a soft spot for Hamilton. I'm sure, like many, I thought of it partially as Toronto's smokey cousin, a hazy visage across the water. (In truth, I still love driving over the Burlington Skyway to see those incredible, otherworldly smoke stacks spewing fire. It's very theatrical.) The first boy I kissed was from Hamilton. And I still remember the deep trouble I got into for racking up long distance phone bills on my parents' land line. So, a bitter sweet kind of impression all in all.
Since moving here last year, I have fallen in love with Hamilton for its contrasts. The natural beauty so close to serious industry. The generosity and openness of people with tough-looking exteriors. It has been said that Toronto is the city that greets you with folded arms. I have not felt this in Hamilton. I am constantly surprised by people's openness and generosity. Skill without showiness and general understated awesomeness abounds.

The full article Cobalt Connects - June 6th, 2013.