Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Cleaning Your Condo

Cleaning your Condo

This article also appears on the Ontario Condo Group website. I am a member of the group and contribute regularly to their platforms.

Living in a ‘ smaller-to-me apartment’ has made me think more about keeping the air pure and limiting my dependence on chemicals to clean. Organizing precious little storage space has required me to really consider how many different bottles of cleaning product is really necessary. I have become a big fan of liquid castille soap. One bottle will cover my laundry and cleaning needs. I decant and add water to a decorative bottle which sits on the counter top in the kitchen and in each bathroom. From this bottle I can clean the space, wash hands and clothes. So much simpler than multiple bottles and going from room to room to find a specific cleaner. I occasionally switch up the scent but always enjoy the savings.