Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What are the Responsibilities of Condo Owners?

This blog was written by my fellow member of the Ontario Condo Group Ian Smith. Ian is a Broker, and who along with real estate partner Nina Wilson (Sales Representative) work with Royal Lepage Niagara Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage
Know the rules – and play by them. The condominium lifestyle is a wonderful concept, but its success depends upon respect for the rights of others, acceptance of and adherence to the rules and a spirit of cooperation.
When you live in a condominium environment, the rules you must abide by are specified in the bylaws of the Corporation and in the policies that the Board sets. Every owner and tenant should have a copy of the bylaws and know what the Corporation is responsible for, what the Owner is responsible for and what each can and cannot do.
For example, exterior alterations, or changes to the common property are generally not allowed without prior written approval from the Board. Some communities do not allow pets, or they limit the type and size of pet allowed. What are the rules for parking in visitor parking? Are Satellite dishes allowed?
Ian’s Comments:
Reading the rules before you buy will eliminate many problems before they happen. Be a knowledgeable owner and love where you live!