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Pulse Check on Consumer Attitudes Conducted by Nanos for Ontario Real Estate Association, July 2020

The Ontario Real Estate Association in conjunction with Nanos Research conducted a broad survey of the public and gauged their interest in real estate in our current COVID -19 environment.  Report: Nanos -OREA- Survey at June 2020     Pulse Check on Consumer Attitudes Conducted by Nanos for Ontario Real Estate Association, July 2020 Submission 2020-1677 One clear finding in the latest Pulse Check on Consumer Attitudes is the positive impression of living in the suburbs and in a rural setting are up as a result of the pandemic. There is a high level of comfort for in-person private viewings when Realtors® take the proper precautions and six in ten Ontarians active in the market believe buying a home today is a good or very good investment. Nik Nanos Chief Data Scientist

What is the difference between a co-op and a condo?

The Hamilton real estate market often has co-ops available to purchase and they are advertised on our Clients are often curious as to the price difference and why lenders do not easily provide mortgages for these types of properties. This article, from the Real Estate Council of Ontario, explains the differences between a co-op and a condo. Article: The Star "Ask Joe"

StatCan's New Housing Price Index points to resiliency, new engines in Canadian market......

Yesterday, Statistics Canada released its June 2020 New Housing Price Index.  One of the things it highlights is a potential change in the geography of Canadian housing demand.  Within my own real estate practice in the last year and increasingly so in consideration of COVID and its implications, I have seen buyers leave the GTA and come south towards Hamilton, Burlington, Haldimand and Norfolk.  They are identifying that if they can work at home why not work in more space and have more community connection. Our values are changing as Canadians and COVID has moved those decisions along.   Nik Nanos, of Nanos Research, in speaking to the Ontario Real Estate Association, shared his similar findings.  He added that this trend falls across all demographics as determined by age.  “I believe in the post pandemic world we’ll see more remote employment. Not everyone will just march back to the downtown cores of the major cities,” she says, noting the lack of appetite some city resident

"If you love the gardens, make them part of your purchase offer....."

Joe Richer is the Registrar of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and contributor for the Star.  Toronto Star Article: If you love the gardens, make them part of your purchase offer

"Housing Demand Shifting to Ground-Related Housing in the 905 Regions and Away from Toronto Condos" Ryerson, July 10, 2020

The exodus of buyers leaving, or beginning their journey in homeownership, by purchasing in the 905 is something which has been happening now for many years.  This study captures the trend, marks its post-COVID acceleration, and may point to the move away from condo life.  Ryerson Study: GTA Housing, July 10, 2020
Meet my clients Paige and Kevin..... "As first time home buyers, we were very nervous with the process, but Bettianne helped walk us through the process from looking at the properties pointing out things that may be a concern, to talking us through and calming us down during the offering process, to sharing the excitement of buying our first home! She listened to our wants, needs, and found a place that filled all the boxes! Bettianne was always available when we had questions and was willing to travel to different areas during our search! Thank you so much Bettianne you have helped us make our dreams come true we appreciate all of your hard work!" - Paige and Kevin Below is a photo of Paige, Kevin and their sons during a walkthrough on the home I was proud to help them find and purchase in Jarvis. This newer house hit all the buttons; large lot, three bedrooms on the same floor, full basement, and a great school district. Grandma is al