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Why does 'Experience Matter Now'?

"What the last weeks and months have taught me is “Experience Matters Now”. Not only has my home been my sanctuary during the Covid-19 global pandemic, but its also been my gym, my office, media studio, gourmet restaurant, bakery and cottage. Bettianne has been a trusted advisor to me during the immediate crisis and helped me to look out into the future. Bettianne has helped me think about my home strategically rather than just the short-term play; it is also my largest asset, biggest debt, and a potential chunk of my retirement fund. She has insights on immediate trends (which surprise me and I find almost counter-intuitive, as I lack Bettianne’ s knowledge and experience). Together, we discuss long term options and opportunities, and what people will be looking for when I sell up, or downsize, retire early, change careers, etc. She also makes me think about what is important to me in my next property in any of those situations. Real estate is more than a transaction or