Welcome. This site serves as a place to gather it all together! If you have come to find me - thank you! Where do my roles intersect? As a Real Estate Broker over the last twenty years (and ideally another twenty more) I have been present to help many legally seal their decisions so my additional role, as officiant, feels very familiar. And I was born a writer - happy to now be able to send my words out into the world. I write real estate-related articles and ceremonies and I continue to write fiction usually around my great love - the visual arts.



The Voice Of Humanist Canada. Production Team/Occasional Host/Interviewer


In February 2021 I was interviewed by REM Real Estate Magazine. Read the Article

Novel 'Practise of Her Profession' published in Fall of 2020. 

Available locally at James Street Bookseller in Hamilton, The Different Drummer Bookstore in Burlington, or 
Fanfare in Stratford. 
Or on Amazon as a paper book or an ebook. 

Kay Lange, a fine arts dealer, has left her position and comfortable life in Montreal to establish a gallery in a beautiful building on the harbour in Hamilton, Ontario. As she follows a dream of independence in her career, she hopes to define herself and deepen her relationship with her son. Kay’s building soon reveals a sad past and a cast of characters with little interest in her vision. It forces her to examine issues of gentrification, cultural appropriation, and the systemic challenges facing a creative entrepreneur and accept that her own life will not be linear. And as we follow along we learn to look and listen for the story in every painting, to learn how the visual arts provide a sense of place and how creatives pave the path to reviving community.
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