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Place & Space: Providing full service real estate throughout Southwestern Ontario

I am a Real Estate Broker providing full service real estate to clients throughout Southwestern Ontario.  I specialize in helping you find the ideal community and a home within that city, small town or quiet rural corner.  My twenty years of experience and advanced training in marketing, negotiation and contract management make me the ideal person to list your property and attract the perfect buyer. 
Recent posts
Article I wrote for REM Canada: Opinion "To Write or Not to Write "  "Our recent super seller’s market has sparked buyers to write ‘love letters’ more often to woo a seller. This letter is carried by the agents with the offer and details their motivation for wanting to buy the home. It invites the seller ‘to better know’ a buyer and choose them above any competing offer, sell to them at a lower price, or even accept a cumbersome condition."
Article I wrote for REM: Speaking the language: Partnering with the non-profit sector: "Governments and agencies are inviting the real estate sector into the conversation about the housing crisis across Canada. In order to work with or adjacent to this sector, we need to become familiar with their terminology. We bring our knowledge of housing to the dialogue, and engagement may also help us provide our clients with their own opportunity to be a part of the solution. "

Reading - September 22, 2022 at 7pm. Stratford Pride Community Centre

"Good writers want to avoid perpetuating myths and we could use some help!" says Stratford author Bettianne Hedges. "Come to the Stratford Pride Community Centre prepared with your best examples of gay stereotyping. Let’s get together and have a conversation to help debunk these myths and improve our reading experience." Bettianne will be reading from her new book The Practise of Her Profession, available at Fanfare Books. The evening has won the backing of the National Public Readings Program of the Writers' Union of Canada, with the assistance of the Canada Council For The Arts Queer stereotypes. Bring your most hated! SPCC Theatre 24 Downie St., 2nd fl. Seating Limited. Arrive Early.                   We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. With financial assistance from The Canada Council for the Arts through  The Writers' Union of Canada.

More families are choosing multigenerational living amid Canada’s housing crisis.....

The Globe and Mail: More families are choosing multigenerational living amid Canada’s housing crisis   "Multigenerational living won’t solve Canada’s housing crisis. Indeed, critics have for years emphasized that millions of new homes must be built to address affordability. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recently  joined that chorus . But if governments make it easier for extended family members to live together, through zoning, tax breaks or municipal deregulation, this way of life could help to address the  country’s housing shortage  and save Canadians money, experts say."

More about the mortgage stress test.....

Moneysense Magazine: Mortgage Stress Test   "First off, it’s not a test like the kind you encounter in school. Rather, it’s a set of rules major banks must use to determine if you qualify for a mortgage. Because mortgage rates can fluctuate, as they have in recent months, the Canadian government has set a minimum qualifying rate to reduce the risk involved in mortgage lending. This helps to ensure you’ll still be able to afford your mortgage payments if interest rates increase beyond the rate originally stated in your contract. In other words, it’s not you but your finances that are put to the test."

"What Should Buyers Know About Bidding Wars"

"Competing offers — also referred to as bidding wars — are very common occurrences in hot real estate markets. I know it can be very frustrating for buyers to bid and repeatedly lose out on properties that are getting five, 10, 20 or more offers. Low housing supply, or inventory, is often a significant contributing factor and low supply is the current situation in many markets across Ontario. First-time buyers may find it especially hard to come out as the “winners” during these home competitions, and may need to expand the parameters of their searches. My advice is to take a long view, be patient and continue to save your money until the right property comes along."  Joe Richer, Registrar, RECO  Click the link to read the full article from the Real Estate Council of Ontario  What Should Buyers Know About Bidding Wars